Thats a thumbnail of the front page to leisuretown.com before it was replaced. This site is a mirror of leisuretown.com that was made, probably hours, after the front page on the site was swapped with the current "Thank you, goodnight" page. At that time, the rest of the site's content was still available, and its mirrored here. The thumbnail of it above is from the Alexa profile for the site.

So, this mirror is complete except for the old front page. If you have it please e-mail talbert at siliconashes dot net, and send me a copy. However, please don't e-mail me and tell me just to look in Google's cache, or on archive.org, as if you'll do you'll find its been replaced in one, and blocked in the other.

If you don't have it, you may just not realize that you do. It could be in your browser's cache. To check and see if you do, on IE 5 or 6, go to Tools > Internet Options and then Click on the Settings button in the Temporary Internet Files box. Then Click on the View Files button in the resulting menu. There isn't an easy way to search the resulting list for a single file, from a particular site. You can click the Internet Address tab, and order the list alphabetically by the URL you used to access it. However, this can be a little deceptive because any site that beings with "www" will be grouped with the W's in the list. So, depending on whether you went to "leisuretown.com" or "www.leisuretown.com", the file may be with the L's or W's, or someplace else. Be sure to take a good look.

If you're using Netscape or Mozilla/Firebird type "about:cache" in the URL textbox, and the click on the View Cached files link, then search for leisuretown in the list of files. You can do this using your browser's search feature, and search it like it was a regular web page.

In the meantime, here are the links to access the rest of the mirror.

about.html - Short description of the site
archives - Archived "articles" (article-like comics)
contact.html - Old form used to contact leisuretown
debugger.html - Leisuretown "debugger"
donate.html - Ways to donate to leisuretown, seems to still work
downloads - Downloads
library - Library of comic strips (good place to start)
manual - Explination of how to navigate the site

You can also download a tarball of this mirror.

If you really like Tristan's (leisuretown's creator) work, please send him a donation. The original donation page is still up. Or you can use the one mirrored.

If you're more excited that someone is hosting a mirror, then please send a donation to siliconashes.net who hosts 720.st.

Remarks about copyright and respect for the author
It would seem that around September of this year Tristan A. Farnon decided that he wanted to disappear. Not only did he take down leisuretown, he also asked that his stories be removed from textfiles.com. When leisuretown.com first vanished, it could still be accessed from archive.org, but soon after it was blocked -- per his request, I would assume. I don't know why.

The long and short of it is that if he contacts me, and asks me to take down the mirror, I will. However, I hope he doesn't. Since putting it up I've gotten a very positive reaction from everywhere I posted a notice about it. A lot of people loved leisuretown, including me.